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Integrately’s main focus is to provide its users with ready-to-use ‘1 click’ automations, so there is a minimal effort in building the integrations. Being 18x less expensive, it is one of the most affordable alternatives of Zapier. Aimed at helping even the most non-technical people in automating their workflows, it has a ‘zero’ learning curve and the UX is extremely user-friendly.

Bitrix24 is a great tool for businesses to use and it's even better if you're using Integrately. There are so many ways that Integrately can help you be more productive with Bitrix24. It has many apps that allow you to automate repetitive tasks like sending out an email when someone joins your service, notifying your team about a new lead, or getting data from the web into Bitrix24.

You can sel ect from over 8 million+ ready-to-activate recipes fr om our integration pages for all your favourite apps.

You can check out our affordable pricing plans from here

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Integrately helps you in creating automation with just 1 click. It is built for users who wish to automate their processes quickly and easily.

Here’s a complete guide on how to connect your Bitrix24 account with Integrately step-by-step.

Step 1 - Sign up for Integrately.

Step 2 - Sel ect Bitrix24 as one of the apps you wish to integrate.

Step 3 -  You can either choose fr om the ready-to-activate recipes or, create your own custom automation

Sep 4 - Once you have selected the desired recipe and clicked on ‘Install’, you will be directed to the ‘Connect your accounts’ page of the wizard.

You need to login to your Bitrix24 account and enter the credentials for the account you wish to grant access to Integrately.

Now your Bitrix24 account will be connected with Integrately.