Company Policy 2.0

Company Policy 2.0
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CompanyPolicy app is our own product designed for company leaders to help them provide crucial information to employees.

We know that there are constant changes in work process: technologies and business regulations change, new products arrive accompanied by new rules to use them. How to provide new information to employees or give them documents to study without extra effort?

With CompanyPolicy app you can:
  • easily upload new orders, regulations, letters, instructions and other documents to the database;
  • provide access to this information to your employees at any time;
  • create unique document groups for each Company department using Categories tool;
  • distribute access rights to this groups among different employees.
The key difference of our app, that makes it better than classic document flow system is control over employees' reading the documents. You will be sure that an employee has read, understood and accepted all the information. You will be able to control your employees' knowledge of Company regulations and take necessary steps to improve it.

The app gives users several use scenarios:

The Employer can:
  1. Create new documents. After adding and saving the text it appears in all employees' of this group “Did not read” section.
  2. Alter the documents. After you apply any changes use a button “Release a new version” and the document will appear in all employees' of this group “Did not read” section.
  3. Control. You can see all your employees, all documents available to them and see what documents they read on Users tab.
For Employees:

Reading new documents. Each user sees the list of new documents on his own “Did not read” tab. After reading an employee presses the button “Read”.


The free version is limited to 10 articles. Read more about the conditions of purchase at

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Regulations, orders and instructions.
Keep your employees updated.

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