Team-docs Regulations and documents for employees

Team-docs Regulations and documents for employees
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Manage your team 100%
Team-docs was created to help managers supervise their employees, be it an organization, a department, or just a team that does one thing.

Describe the work of your team in the documents, and the service will make sure that the information has been studied by all its members qualitatively and quickly.

Do you have a sales department? - write a job description for sellers, instructions on how to lay out the goods on the shop windows, write sales plans for the month and indicate the bonuses for their achievement.

Do you have a call center? - Describe the scripts of communication with customers by phone to make it easier for employees to work.

Have you decided to open a new line of business in your company? - describe the business processes of the new activity through regulations for the employees "who should do what and know how."

The service will help to instantly implement the created documents or identify gaps in the knowledge of employees before it affects the result of the whole team!

How does the service work?

With the help of our service, managers create, supplement and modify documentation for all team members.

You can either create documents directly fr om the application, or download ready-made ones.

The documentation describes everything needed for the teamwork: duties, instructions, regulations, motivation programs, and business processes.

Next, managers create tests on the knowledge of documents for employees. Expose the desired period of automatic retake tests to identify a situation wh ere employees after a while begin to forget what they read.

 Managers are then given the opportunity to transparently see the process of employees learning their responsibilities.

 It is always clear what kind of employee has studied how many percent of the documentation and, most importantly, how well.

 If necessary, you can leave a note to the employee, describing what order is violated.

 Team members get access to convenient tools for studying all the documentation:

- document action notifications
- mechanism for passing tests for knowledge of documents
- notifications of the need to retake the test after a while
- To-do list of what you need to read and sign, what to pass the test
- interface for viewing changes in an existing document with highlights of added and deleted parts of the text

APPLICATION COSTS: from 0.78$ for the 1st employee per month.

The functionality allows you to:
1) For managers:

- create teams

- add employees to teams (both from Bitrix24 companies and by email from the side. You can also add entire groups of employees from Bitrix24)

- create documents for posts, and quickly add tests with questions to them to confirm reading comprehension among employees. Tests can be set to a period of automatic retake (when after a few days the system asks the employee to re-take it)

- download documents from a computer at once or one by one (currently docx and odt are supported. Additional formats will be added soon)

- the ability to update existing documents by adding a new version (in this case, employees familiar with the old versions of the document will visually see all the changes and be able to quickly adapt to them. Changes will be highlighted)
- to control the knowledge of employees (both in general and separately), to see the time of reading a single document by an employee, and whether he signed a reading and passed a test of document knowledge.

- keep a record of comments for violations of regulations

- make a selection of comments on the employee for the desired period of time

2) For employees:
- receive instant notifications in Bitrix24 about all events related to documents
- see the hint "to-do list - what needs to be done on documents" (read, sign, pass the test)
- see all relevant documents for their position and the percentage of their own knowledge of them.
- see changes added to a new version of an existing document
pass tests for knowledge of documents
3) For all users
- Search for documents by content or title
4) For the main Bitrix24 administrator:

- You can see all the commands that were created by Bitrix24 users.

- You can enter any team as the owner and make any changes.

- You can change the team owner to any employee.

- You can see the total percentage of company knowledge (cumulative knowledge of all teams)

- You can delete any team

Wersja 15
New additions:
1) you can upload and download each individual regulation in a docx file (new button on the regulation page).
2) you can download the text of any individual regulations from the docx file (new button on the regulations page for owners and moderators of teams).
3) now a link to the opening of the regulations in the team-docs application in Bitrix24 notifications is displayed.

Wersja 14
When exporting documents that have internal links to images located on Bitrix24 account,
(links of the form: https: // / ...)
such images now also fall into the final docx file.
For this, an application from version 14 requests access to the "disk" entity.

Wersja 13
Added functionality for working with tests:
1) Now when creating test texts for regulations, you can upload images (by copying directly to the input field using the keyboard shortcut ctrl + v).
We recommend using the JPG extension for pictures, otherwise the schedule page will take a long time to load.
PS. If you need to upload pictures for answers to questions, write to us at
We will add this functionality if there are requests from customers.
2) Also added the ability to more conveniently edit the text of the question (added font options and work with tables)

3) Now you can ask a few correct answers to questions

Wersja 12
Now the application has become paid again.

For a smooth transition, we entered a trial period of 10 days, from the moment any user of your bitrix24 logs into the application.

Also, a bonus of 5 USD was originally credited to the account.

The cost of one employee per day:
* up to 150 users - 0.026 USD
* from 150 users - 0.02 USD
* from 300 users - 0.015 USD

You will receive an additional amount to the account from the payment made, if you pay the current number of employees
* from 3 months - 5%
* from 6 months - 10%
* from 9 months - 15%
* from 12 months - 20%

The minimum amount written off per application per day 0.3 USD

For all questions and errors found email us

In addition, functionality has been added:
1. Now the owner of the document on the editing page on the tab "implementation statistics" can reset the knowledge of any employee.
At this point, the employee will receive a notification that his knowledge has been reset and he needs to re-examine the document.
Along with this,% of his knowledge will be reset to this document, and the necessary actions will appear in the "must be completed" section.

2. Now you can add pdf and pptx files to the attachment to the document.

Wersja 11

  1. Now, if the user is on the page of the list of documents, or on a particular document, then after the change of role - he remains on this page and you do not have to reopen it.
  2. Now in the section "must be completed" tasks are displayed immediately from all teams to which the current user is attached. This will allow you not to miss the tasks on the documents in the currently inactive user teams.
  3. Now the administrator user also sees the "must complete" section, which displays tasks on documents for him in teams in which he is an employee.
  4. Now, if you click on the link to open the document available to the current user who is a member of an inactive team, the system will offer to automatically switch the current team.
  5. Now in the menu "my notes" displays the number of new comments.
  6. COST OF THE APPLICATION: from 1$ per 1 employee per month.

Wersja 10
Now the basic functionality of the application has become free.
Until 01.03.2019 the application is completely free.
After that, part of the application will remain free, and part will be available through a subscription. (cost will depend on the number of employees)

1) Added English language interface.
It will turn on if you set the appropriate language in the Bitrix24 itself.

2) Added functionality for uploading investments to the regulations themselves.
Now you can add a series of pictures (jpg, jpeg, png) to the document, and later view them as a gallery. (on the page of the document. on the tab "add attachments").

3) Improved import of documents from docx files.
Now you can import docx documents that contain tables and images.
(raster images jpeg, jpg, png.bmp are supported. Vector ones are not supported. To import a document containing vector images, we recommend uploading such a document to googledocs, and download back the docx format. All vector images will be automatically changed to raster and application team- docs imports them easily).

Please, submit all questions, suggestions and discovered errors to the following address:
Complete standard installation procedure from Bitrix24 Marketplace.