CRM Backups 24

CRM Backups 24
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The application in automatic mode (as well as manually if necessary) allows you to save and restore all CRM entities: Leads, Deals, Contacts, Companies, Invoices and Tasks;

ATTENTION: All your data is stored ONLY in your Bitrix24 in the application folder, with access granted to portal administrator only!

If you accidentally delete or change important data, it will not be lost - you just need to download the information from the backup directly on your portal. Or you can see what data has been changed (in progress)

The application allows you to:

  • Automatically (or manually) save data for the entities you have selected;
  • It is possible to start online data saving at any time by pressing a button in the interface;
  • Versions control;


Free ($0)

Available to everyone by default

1 backup is made automatically per month, in manual mode one backup is available every day

The storage period of backups is 6 months

Tasks and Invoices backup is not available on free tariff

Standard (from $3.3 per month)

1 backup is made automatically per week, in manual mode one backup is available every day

The storage period of backups is 12 months

Premium (from 7.08 per month)

4 backups are made automatically per day, in manual mode an unlimited number of backups is available

The storage period of backups is unlimited

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English version. Hi there! We are the first one app, that stores your CRM-data.

Support is provided on weekdays fr om 10:00 to 17:00 (GMT+3)

The response speed depends on the workload of the team and the complexity of the question, but on average it is 1 working day, although we try to answer as quickly as possible.

Support is provided by:

When contacting it is better to immediately indicate the address of your Bitrix24, wh ere the application is installed.

Attention! Support is NOT provided by phone. Please contact either via telegram-bot or by mail.

You need any Bitrix24 to use the application.

How to start:
  1. Install the application in your Bitrix24;

  2. On the application settings screen check the boxes next to the CRM entities that you want to backup;

  3. After checking the boxes, click the "Save" button.

The setup is complete!