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Pay with ease with Paypay on Bitrix24!

The integration between Paypay and Bitrix24 has brought you multiple payment methods to your sales, such as ATM references, Credit Card payments and MbWay payments.

To start using our plugin you must access here and get our plugin.
We have multiple options:
  • 7 days trial
  • 1 year module ATM 150€
  • 1 year module Credit Card 150€
  • 1 year module MbWay 150€
  • 1 year all modules 300€
Now you can use CRM and Online Store payments with ease and automatically receive confirmation after a payment is complete!

Note that this payment system only works with euros and if the payment is set in other currency it will do a 1:1 conversion to euros.

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New user interface

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Pay with ease with Paypay on Bitrix24!

Contact ERP24 in bitrix partners section
Or email us at:
Create an account at Paypay ( and go to the backoffice area to get your integration keys:
  • ClientId;
  • Platform Code;
  • Private Key;
Fill the fields in the paypay plugin and save.
Your plugin is enabled for you until the license expires.