IP-АТС Asterisk (FreePBX) PRO

IP-АТС Asterisk (FreePBX) PRO
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Thanks to the integration of Bitrix24 and Asterisk, you get the opportunity to control the sales department.
The integration module consists of two components:
Bitrix24 applications "IP-PBX Asterisk (FreePBX)"
And the module for IP-PBX FreePBX "Bitrix24 module"
This solution allows you to immediately call the person in charge of the contact, open the call details before the employee picks up the phone, transfer the call card to another employee when the call is switched.
Integration supports calls in queues, groups, "Follow me" function, extension dialling of an internal subscriber in the IVR menu.
When a call ends, Bitrix24 CRM saves a conversation record, conversation time and call status.

The first 30 days of using the product are free.
Next $ 25 per month
When ordering monthly support for Bitrix24 with PBX - Bitrix24 integration module is available free of charge.
To pay, you need to contact us via chat on our website: https://www.itach-soft.com or by e-mail: info@itach-soft.com

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Integration of IP-PBX FreePBX based on Asterisk and CRM system Bitrix24

Support is provided by our specialists every day from 9 am to 5 pm except Saturday and Sunday by email: helpdesk@itach-soft.com, or by chat on our website www.itach-soft.com.
Bitrix24 module web part.
1.Install the application "IP-АТС Asterisk (FreePBX)" in Bitrix24 CRM
2.Download and install the module for FreePBX 13/14/15:
If you have OS Centos6 / 7 or FreePBX distro 6/7, then you can install the module in one line in SSH as root:
wget -O - https://www.itach.by/bitrix24/bitrix24_pro_install.sh | bash
If not, follow the instructions below:

!!! For the module to work, you need the Ioncube module for PHP.

After installing the Ioncube module, install the module for FreePBX. Installation file:


Install the module through the Admin-> Module Admin menu.
Choose Upload modules:
Specify the path to the module and click Download.


The module is located in the "General settings" menu in the "Bitrix24 module" at the FreePBX system tab.