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GoSMS BIT24.Ge - SMS mailing service in Georgia.
GoSMS BIT24.Ge service allows you to send SMS manually or automatically, through:
- Contact or company details
- Card of deals and leads
- Robots section
- Business processes
- CRM marketing for SMS mailings
- Send documents via SMS

Service GoSMS BIT24.Ge shows the status of the sent SMS: sent, delivered.
You are using the application for:
- Customer notifications: about acceptance of orders, transition to a certain stage
- Send: documents, links and any other text
- Alerts to employees: about the arrival of a new order, the completion of certain jobs, about a vacancy for a new position and any other text.

For more information on tariffs you can see here: https://BIT24.Ge/

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GoSMS BIT24.Ge - SMS mailing service in Georgia.

To contact for support and feedback, write to sms@bit24.ge or visit https://BIT24.Ge/
Complete standard installation procedure. To activate the service, a special key is required. To get it, contact us by mail sms@BIT24.Ge or write to us at the website https://BIT24.Ge/