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Main description:  

Integration with E-chat service allows direct connection of your Telegram and Viber numbers to the Bitrix24 CRM client. Our service allows you to communicate with customers in Viber and Telegram directly from the customer card in CRM.

How does it work?

  • Initiate a dialogue with the customer through CRM. No need to wait for the customer to message first!
  • After sending the first message, an online chat with the customer will be automatically created, allowing you to continue the conversation.  
    Go to the customer card, sel ect the "SMS" section, choose the [E-chat] sending service, and the number fr om which you want to send the message.

  • In the "Contact Center" section, you can assign specific managers or entire departments to each added number and configure deal distribution.

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The app enables communication with customers from Viber and Telegram through the Bitrix24 interface.

Get started

  1. Register your account on the website:

  2. After registration, add your messenger number by clicking "Add integration" and selecting Bitrix24 CRM client. Follow the instructions.

    - Upon adding the number, you'll receive a 7-day trial period.
    - Pricing starts fr om $20/month for 1 connected number.

    For more details, see our pricing at:  
    (Please note that the basic tariff has a lim it on the number of messages you can send. (Up to 100 \ month) )

  3. Install the [E-chat] app on your Bitrix24 account.
  4. Open the app and enter your number and API key, which can be found in your account on our website: .

Now your number will appear in the list of connected numbers in the app. Congratulations! The app is configured and ready to use.