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KrispCall Pte. Ltd.
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KrispCall enhances your Bitrix24 experience by integrating call logging, note syncing, and contact management. Perfect for teams looking to streamline their communication processes, KrispCall ensures all your call data is efficiently organized within Bitrix24.

Integration Functions:

  • Click to Call & Call Logging: Make and log incoming/outgoing calls, voicemails & recordings directly in Bitrix24.

  • Notes Sync: Sync notes taken during calls and save them in Bitrix24.

  • Contact Sync: Sync contacts between KrispCall and Bitrix24, including one-way, two-way, and bulk sync options.

  • Call Integration: Make and receive calls using the Bitrix24 interface, with features for call transfer and adding notes/tags.


  • KrispCall account

  • Bitrix24 account

  • Chrome browser with the KrispCall extension installed for Click-to-Call feature.

In addition to these features, KrispCall provides a full range of telephony services, making it easier for your team to handle tasks. With KrispCall, you can leverage contact center software solutions, obtain global numbers from 100+ countries, utilize multilevel IVR, and benefit from advanced features like call coaching & so on. Ensure your team stays connected and productive with KrispCall's robust and reliable services.

KrispCall offers flexible pricing, and phone numbers from 100+ countries.

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Integrate KrispCall with Bitrix24 and handle your calls and customer interactions without switching between apps.

Schedule a Demo with our Sales Team or Chat with Support:
Available: 24x7
Response Time: Instant

Response Time: 1-2 Business Days.

Follow these steps for easy installation of Bitrix24 by KrispCall.

  • Login into your KrispCall Account.

  • Go to "Settings" tab in the dashboard and tap on "Integrations"

  • Now scroll down to find the Bitrix24 and tap on "Connect".

  • Login to your Bitrix24 CRM account.

  • Install KrispCall Browser Extension to enable calling from Bitrix24.