SimplesClique VOIP Phone System

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SimplesClique VOIP Phone System
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Integrate your BITRIX with Simples Clique's telephony solution!
Our infrastructure is all built in a datacenter in Brazil, with maximum quality and lowest latency!

About BITRIX Integration:
  • We have 2 options to integrate with Bitrix:
    - By Bitrix Telephony Rest API and/or,
    - By Bitrix SIP CONNECTOR*
    *This method require a Bitrix License. More info on:

  • On RestAPI Method:

    Advantages compared with SIP Connector:
       - Dont need buy  SIP Connector
       - Low Latency, the call out PBX (Brazil) direct to user, this improves quality and stability
       - Advanced Management: Can you use PBX Features + PBX Advanced Reports + Calls Registred on Bitrix CRM and stardard Bitrix reports
       - Can you use any softphone or sip device
       - If Brazilian Backbone or Bitrix have an instability, the calls are completed with success
       - If you already using an SIP PBX and SIP Devices (phone, ata), dont have impact to users
       - The Integration works with Inbound, Outbound, CallBack, Lost and Answered Calls
       - The Record Call can be played directly from bitrix

    Disadvantages of Bitrix Telephony Rest API Method:
       - The API dont support Call Transcription
       - This is not a problem, but, you need use an SIP Device or softphone to answer or make the call
About our Plataform:
  • Don’t need buy PBX hardware
  • Dedicated Server with Fixed Internet IP
  • Hosted On Brazilian Datacenter – Amazon AWS São Paulo
  • Low Latency
  • Premium Support
  • Always updated with new features and bug corrections
  • Consulting Services to Analyse performance of agents
  • Ilimited calls to Brazilian phones
  • Some PBX Features:
    - Multiples Auto Attend(URA)
    - Voice Mail Integrated with e-Mail
    - FAX by  email
    - Call Record
    - Audio Conference
    - Realtime Calls Dashboard
    - Follow-me
    - Bitrix Integration
    - Call Flow based on time condition
    - Ilimited Extensions **
    - Ilimited Trunks/lines**
    - Intelligent Queues
       - Speak position
       - Multiples rules to balanced calls to agents
     - Multiple Location/Company
     - Multiple Music On Hold
     - Integration with most hardwares sip compatible as smart speaker, ip câmeras, door bell,
     - Advanced Reports
     - Webhooks
    ** Starter Plan with 100 Extension, 30 Lines, 2 phone number on different carrier to redundancy, 26k minutes of call recordings
About Price:
              Plataform: R$ 1010/month

                        Pack Record Calls (26000 minutes): R$ 20/month
                        Pack with 50 Extensions Additional: R$ 150/month
                        Brazilian Line Number: R$ 25/month
                        Custom Webhook: R$ 20/month (pack with 10000 requests)
                        0800 Number: R$ 125/month (minimum consumption)

Contact us!
+55 11 4858-2200  (phone + whatsapp) | 19 4042-1800 | 13 3500-7000

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Integrate your BITRIX with Simples Clique's telephony solution!
+55 11 4858-2200  (phone + whatsapp)
+55 19 4042-1800
+55 13 3500-7000
After hiring our services, you have 4 methods to integrate our Plataform with Bitrix:

1) contact our support

2) through the customer portal, in the registration menu -> manuals

3) If you select SIP CONNECTOR integration Method
   On customer portal, menu Cadastros (admin menu) - > Ramais (extensions) -> Copy SIP Password and paste on SIP Connector Config Page

4) If you select Rest API Method:

4.1) As Bitrix Admin User, go to Developer resources -> Other

4.2) Select Inboud Webhook, On Method select "telephony.externalcall.register", on Permission, select Telephony, copy the value fr om Webook for REST API CALL field, this is necessary to next step

4.3) Repeat the last step, but Select Outboud Webhook and on field URL, fill with your PBX Address as example and on Events, select ONEXTERNALCALLSTART.
Example (replace the word MYPBX per Your PBX Address):

4.4)    On PBX customer portal, menu Cadastros (admin menu) - > Parametros Gerais (General Settings) -> On "Sistema Padrao Filas (Queues Default System)" select BITRIX and on "Param Integração Filas (Queues Integration Parameter)" Fill with your BITRIX URL, copied on previous step.

4.5) On the same portal, menu Cadastros (admin menu) - > Cadastros Ramais (Extension Settings) -> Fill the field Bitrix_UserID for each bitrix user