Allegro Messenger

Dodaj nowe funkcje i rozwiązania do swojego konta Bitrix24. Zainstaluj gotowe aplikacje z Marketplace.

Allegro Messenger
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Allegro Messenger is an application that enables full handling of messages and discussions of the popular marketplace e-commerce directly in Bitrix24!

A buyer on can write a message to you as a Seller and from now on, handle it via chat directly in Bitrix24 from any number of Allegro accounts!

After the 10-day free trial period, you can upgrade to the paid PRO version. The number of messages sent and received within the application is not limited. The main parameter is the number of simultaneous Allegro accounts that we will connect to Bitrix24.
More detailed information on the website

The presented application is not an official integration of Bitrix24 and Allegro because the producers of these systems did not participate in the work on it. Using the API of both systems, Polish Business Club sp. z o.o. made it for the needs of current and future customers.

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Allegro Messenger allows you to handle messages and discussions directly in Bitrix24 as a open chat. Each conversation creates a lead and downloads the interlocutor's data from Allegro.

If you need information about the operation or installation, write to the email
you can also send a question

Full description of the application and contact details
  1. After installing the Allegro messenger application in Bitrix24, use the link , run a Integracja Bitrix24 z Allegro - FREE TRIAL, which lasts for 10 days
  2. Launch the application configuration window in Bitrix24 and fill in the License key fields,
  3. Create a new Open Channel in Bitrix24 in the Contact Center
  4. Log in to your acoont Allegro
  5. Connect the Allegro account to which you are logged in in the same browser to the Open Channel in Bitrix24
  6. After 10 days you can switch to PRO licenses