Rekvizitai - Lithuanian companies' database

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Rekvizitai - Lithuanian companies' database
UAB „Dreamsite“
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The application is integrated with the directory of Lithuanian companies "". It simplifies the management of the client base by allowing users to integrate and update company details using the company code or name. The application allows easy updating of company details, which ensures that information is kept up to date without manual entry. The intuitive interface makes the system easy to use for all users. This application optimizes CRM processes, increasing the efficiency of sales and support departments.

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Get qualified information about the company registered in Lithuania directly into your Bitrix24 from Add a company and it's details to your customers list within a minute.

Address: M. K. Paco str. 4, LT-10309 Vilnius, Lithuania

Tel./fax: +370 5 2600628


At the initial stages of setting up the application, it is necessary to specify the authentication token obtained from the resource, please contact This token is very important, as it serves as a credential, providing secure communication between systems and ensuring that data transfer is authorized and protected. You can also find out our rates by email.

After successful installation of the application, a link must be established for at least one field associated with the company code. This linkage is necessary for the program to work, as it directly affects data integrity and the overall efficiency of the replication process.