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Fale Fácil Ponto
Fale Fácil
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Fale Fácil Ponto is the time control alternative for your company integrated with your Bitrix24.
With an intuitive interface and simple access, you will be able to control your team's time records, meeting the MTE's determinations with full integration with the functions of your Bitrix24 plan (for integration with the Bitrix24 clock (working indication) requires the Professional version or Enterprise).
Generation of reports in PDF with the possibility of sending them for electronic signature with legal validity via WhatsApp or email after validations, eliminating the need for physical timesheet files, and granting simplified access to all records for your team.

Allows batch entries of absences, point correction with justification record and easy monitoring of all those present and absent by day or period.

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Allows you to record entries, breaks and departures considering the determinations of the Ministry of Labor (for Brazil) and employment regarding overtime and tolerances, as well as all absences and fully integrated with Bitrix24 (To record the start of work, requires Professional version or higher).
You can also activate notifications for your users, and after the month's validations, send time cards for electronic signature with legal validity, with monitoring by the panel of who signed or not.

If you need help at any time, please contact our team. See available channels:
1 - Through our open channel, accessible directly from your Bitrix24. Search for Fale Fácil on the Bitrix24 network.
2 - Using our WhatsApp. just click on the option below.


3 - Only in Portuguese, call free on 08000500060
4 - Search for Fale Fácil Voip on social media: Facebook and Instagram.
  • After contracting your plan, access the panel with your username and password received by email and click on ENTER ACCOUNT.
  • Click on the Profile menu and enter your Bitrix24 URL. Copy and paste your panel URL (including https://);
  • Start the configuration by creating your Departments. Click on the Relationship menu;
  • Now create schedules for your team. Click on the Schedules menu, and in create new schedule, enter the start and end times. Below you can enter the range, if any. The same schedule can be used for several users, and can be combined, for example, register a schedule from Monday to Friday and another for Saturday and Sunday;
  • Now let's create your users. Click on the Relationship menu. If your connection to Bitrix24 was successful, you will see the list of users and next to each one, the + button to associate it with the system. Fill in the pending data and save.
  • If you enable notifications for users, they will start working the day after the user registers.