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Gear Technology Corp
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Gearplug provides to you connect your Bitrix24 data with many other third party services

Using our service you will be able to:

1. Automatically create Facebook Leads in your Bitrix24 account
2. Send Whatsapp messages to your contacts through our third party services
3. Send notifications about your deals to your Slack app.
4. Save your contacts in a google sheet and connect it to Datastudio to create dashboards and reports.

and many more automations...

Configure Bitrix24 as a SOURCE to get your new data created in Bitrix24 and automate your tasks while using it
Use Bitrix24 as a TARGET to create records in your Bitrix account using data from any of our another connected apps.

Gearplug works with Bitrix24 paid plans and free subscription in a trial mode
You can also check out our pricing.

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Gearplug is a tool that makes it easier to connect different applications. You can use it to create workflows between apps that you never thought were possible to connect.

1. Install Gearplug in your Bitrix24 account through Bitrix24.Market
2. Go to to create your Gearplug account
3 Create a connection to your Bitrix24 account in My Apps module
4. Approve connection and follow the steps.
5. Go to "Flows" button
6. Begin to create your workflows using Bitrix24 as a source of target of your task

If you need a detailed instruction and support please go to :