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Now you can ensure compliance to GDPR in Bitrix24 CRM.

General Data Protection Regulation came into effect on May 25, 2018.

This application enables you to meet these requirements with respect to Bitrix24 user rights to erasure, anonymization and data portability.

Main Features:

  • Anonymize client's personal data in Bitrix24.
  • Select custom fields to be anonymized.
  • Create the report based on personal data.
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Wersja 5
Security patch

  • Optimized application stability
  • Legacy functionality (cookies' consent block for Bitrix24.Sites) removed

Wersja 4
Version for development

Wersja 3

Wersja 2

Wersja 1

Should you face any difficulties while using the app, kindly contact Bitrix24 support team.
Our Integrations support team will be happy to help you.
Complete standard installation procedure at Bitrix24.Market and proceed with the following steps:
  1. Enter the app.
  2. Select custom fields to be anonymized along with standard fields.
  3. Select a company to create a report (the report will contain all CRM-available data about the client).
  4. Save settings.
  5. Manage and anonymize client's personal data in Bitrix24.