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Make is a visual automation platform that allows you to send information between apps without writing any code. With Make, you can connect Bitrix24 to more than 1,700 pre-configured apps and services. And, if you haven’t found the app you need, you can use Make's HTTP module to connect to any REST API.

Multi-step scenarios

You can include as many steps as you want in your scenario (that’s how Make refers to automation flows). You can also add a router to create more branches, use an iterator feature to split information, or incorporate an aggregator feature to group information any way you want.

Automatic error handling

There’s no need to tackle unexpected errors by yourself. You can tell Make to ignore, fix, or stop the execution of your integration flow, should any error occur, giving you a peace of mind.

Automation scheduling

Make gives you the flexibility to define when and how often an activated scenario should run. Schedule your scenarios to run when it’s most convenient for you, whether it’s a one-time execution, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Using Make with Bitrix24 enables you to manage:

  • Agreements
  • CRM
  • Online store
  • Payment systems
  • Sites
  • Tasks
  • Users (basic)
  • Workgroups
Find more information on Triggers, Actions and Searches of Bitrix24 and Make here.

Start the automation with FREE Make account and you can check our pricing plans if you want an upgrade.

Wersja 2

Integromat has been rebranded to Make - with the new update we have updated the whole app accordingly.

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Connect apps and improve your Bitrix24 workflows.

Installing Bitrix24 to Make

  1. Find Make on the Bitrix24.Market.
  2. Click the Install button to connect Make to your Bitrix24 account.
  3. Select the permissions for the modules you’d like to use with Make.
  4. In the pop-up window “Welcome to Make” – click “here” to access the Bitrix24 app on Make.
  5. Click Create a new scenario to start building integrations.