Asterisk connector: Itgrix

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Asterisk connector: Itgrix
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Itgrix is a reliable tool for integration of your Bitrix24 and IP-telephony Asterisk. Work with calls directly from CRM.

Please pay attention: only limited functionality of the module for 2 users is available for free. To push the limits, you need to purchase a license for the connector. Email usto get Itgrix connector with full functionality.

As a bonus, after installing the free Itgrix Asterisk connector, you are given the opportunity to test the full functionality for 14 days.

Our advantages:

Reliability of connector
  • Actual functions

  • Skilled developers team

  • Regular updates

  • Powerful technical support

System flexibility
  • Extensive resources for personal customizations for your tasks

  • The ability to install on any server that meets the system requirements

  • Choosing storage location for conversation records – inside Bitrix24 or on your server

  • Integration with any Asterisk from 1.8 version

  • Suitable for installation: pure Asterisk and FreePBX, Elastix or Issabel

  • Additional software is not required

  • All the configured functions of your telephony will be kept (distribution and groups of incoming calls, call queues, and much more)

Additional Bitrix24 functionality after configuring Itgrix

✓ Automatic lead creation

Automatic creation of new leads/contacts for calls from numbers that have not been registered in the CRM yet.

When the conversation is over, the module adds new information about the source and the responsible person in the lead details form.

Automatic connection to the responsible person

All recurring calls from the client are forwarded to the responsible person assigned by the system.

Automatic call generation in the Bitrix24

Call history with each call's fixed length and conversation recordings that can be reproduced and downloaded.

Fixation of missed calls

Automatic creation of an activity for the employee responsible for the missed calls from known numbers.

Additional option to create a "Callback to missed call" task.

Click-to-call in your Bitrix24

One-click call directly in the interface or call by dialling the number in the built-in interface;

Pop-up call card (stays in place during a conversation)

Main information about client, comment to ongoing call, creating a deal and invoice, as well as switching to the client's card.

End-to-end analytics

Fixing traffic sources and the type of request (call, email, chat) in the lead card.

Ability to generate reports on lead sources, advertising ROI and channels performance.

Possibility of functional extension

Additional functionality using customization for your tasks:

  • Change the number / context for calling to asterisk. Details.

  • Change phone number before sending data to CRM. Details.

  • Black and white lists. Details.

The difference between the free version of Itgrix and the full one

The free version of the connector has limitations on the number of Bitrix24 instance users, as well as on functionality, and is suitable for a small company or for a test before large-scale implementation.

Available number of users to work with the free tool 2 users.

To push limits, switch to full Itgrix mode you need to purchase a licence for Itgrix by contacting Itgrix specialists.

The cost of the full version of Itgrix depends on the Bitrix tariff. Price table on our website
The minimum licence term for purchase is 3 months. The longer the validity term of the purchased licence, the more profitable it is.ℹ The connector supposes a one-time payment for the entire term of the chosen licence.

Official website of our connector:

The geography of our clients

We work with clients all over the world. Our integration module is already used in countries such as: Russia, USA, Hungary, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Albania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, Vietnam, India, Costa Rica, Ecuador, etc.

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Technical updates of the application Scope  (permissions to access Bitrix24 entities)

Wersja 4
Scope of application update

Wersja 3

  • Application widget was added.

  • Now a support chat bot welcomes You after installation in Bitrix24.

New features:

  • Repeat sales mode support.

  • Creating new tasks for missed calls.

Wersja 2

  • Application widget was added.

  • Now a support chat bot welcomes You after installation in Bitrix24.

New features:

  • Repeat sales mode support.

  • Support for two CRM modes: Simple (Deals + Contacts; no Leads) and Classic (Leads → Deals + Contacts).

  • Creating new tasks for missed calls.

Got a question?

Please contact technical support specialists:


➢ Email:

We are in touch with our clients from Monday till Friday from 8 AM till 8 PM (GMT +3) and try to answer your questions within 2 hours of receiving your request.

ℹ The answers to the most frequency questions about our module are already in Itgrix`s database – we'd highly recommend that you read it.

Possibilities of functional extension

By your own
Module Itgrix has open customization options and detailed documentation for administrators.

Here is a short step-by-step guide to customization:
  1. Activate the Customizer in the Itgrix interface;
  2. Read the documentation for administrators;

  3. Sel ect the necessary add-ons and configure customization.

By specialists from Itgrix

If you have any doubt about your technical skills its possible to order the necessary modification fr om us. Please clarify the price and conditions individually.

❗ Before starting the installation please check your source data for compliance with the minimum system requirements.

Itgrix module is installed in 4 stages given below:

  1. Installing the Itgrix app inside your Bitrix24 instance;
  2. Installing the module on the server where your Asterisk-telephony is located;
  3. Configuring integration using the app interface;
  4. Checking the correctness of integration by following test cases.

ℹ You should follow our step-by-step instruction for quick and correct self configuration of the Itgrix module.

Any difficulties?
Contact Itgrix technical support for help

Distant configuring by specialists from Itgrix

To achieve this goal, we will need:

  • Access with administrative rights to the the server (ssh) where your Asterisk-telephony is located and your Bitrix24 instance

  • OR

  • Distance access to the user's desktop with similar rights;

  • Your help to get into contact with your specialist for configuration and call test