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Features of integration of Virtual PBX Viva-MTS and Bitrix24:

Calls by click;

· Pop-up customer cards for incoming calls;

· Automatic creation of leads and deals during a call from new customers;

· Distribution of incoming calls to dedicated managers depending on the client;

· Automatic call recording;

· Call analytics for each employee, department, contact, deal.

Please note that calls are paid separately, according to the operator's tariffs:

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Virtual PBX Viva-MTS

+374 93 297111

To set up Bitrix24 integration with Viva-MTS Virtual PBX, you need to:

1. Install the Viva-MTS PBX application from Bitrix24.Market.

2. Log in to the interface of your virtual PBX with administrator rights.

3. Go to the "Settings", "Integration with CRM" section, click on "Bitrix24", specify your domain in Bitrix24 and enable integration with one click on the "Yes" button.

4. Compare CRM users with virtual PBX users for correct distribution of calls.

After saving the settings, the integration will be completed.