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Planado is software for organizing work of field employees. By integrating Bitrix24 with Planado you'll be able to:
— automatically create a task in Planado based on a deal from Bitrix24 CRM once it reaches a certain status;
— transfer job-related data from Bitrix24 to Planado so that the field worker will get all necessary information about the job;
— move the deal to the next status once the job is finished in Planado.

Wersja 4
The new version can work product catalog. You can pick the products used in job. After the job is finished, they will be sent to Bitrix24.

Wersja 3
The new version can connect Bitrix24 Planado in both directions, including passing data from custom fields back and forth. You can even schedule jobs track results without leaving Bitrix24!

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— Add this application to your Bitrix24 account;
— Go to your Planado;
— Navigate to Settings -> Integrations;
— Set your Bitrix24 address and enable the integration.