WhatsApp Business API

Dodaj nowe funkcje i rozwiązania do swojego konta Bitrix24. Zainstaluj gotowe aplikacje z Marketplace.

WhatsApp Business API
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The application integrates the WhatsApp Business API into your Bitrix24.

Inbound and outbound messages via the Open Channels
All correspondence in Lead/Contact details forms and Deals
Sending messages via SMS interface and CRM marketing

The cost of WhatsApp Business API is from 15 € per month, for more details visit https://www.chatarchitect.com/whatsapp/

Please read the WhatsApp Business policy before using the app.

Wersja 4
The new version shows exactly which message the client quoted.

Wersja 3
Connecting multiple WhatsApp Business API numbers to multiple Open Channels.

Wersja 2
Fixed minor bugs

For any questions write to WhatsApp  https://wa.me/421233221242
Complete standard installation procedure from Bitrix24.Market Leave a request on the website https://www.chatarchitect.com/whatsapp/
After setting the number, add the appkey to this application
Connect the Open Channel in the Contact Center
Send a message from your phone to your WhatsApp to test.