SigParser Email Signature Capture

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SigParser Email Signature Capture
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SigParser removes manual data entry. It captures contacts from emails your team receive. Email signatures often contain names, phone numbers and titles. Whenever a new one is found SigParser goes to Bitrix24 and creates a new contact based on configurable rules or fills in missing data like phone numbers.

This is a great tool for any team doing lots of outbound emailing or need phone numbers and titles without all the manual data entry. It will save your team hours of time while also having thousands of contacts in your CRM. It will also make valuable data available to your entire organization that they wouldn't have had otherwise.

No technical knowledge required to get started.

SigParser can also go back in time to find historical emails.

We have detailed documentation at SigParser for how to configure the connectors.

Wersja 1
Our initial release of the SigParser app. Allows for creating/updating CRM Contacts and Leads either automatically or manually from SigParser.

We have a chat module on our site if you want to connect with us. You can also use the "Get Demo" button on our homepage to schedule a demo of the product.

  1. Setup an account at SigParser
  2. Connect your email
  3. On the Dashboard click "+ Connect CRM"
  4. Find the Bitrix24 connector and click "Add". You'll be prompted thru the next steps.
  5. Configure how you want contacts to sync. Push new contacts from SigParser as either Contacts or Leads.