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SyncPenguin is a platform for reliable and fully customizable two-way sync of business data.

With SyncPenguin you can sync Bitrix24 contacts, tasks and meetings with other CRM, ERP, eCommerce, or marketing automation apps. This includes Google Contacts and Calendar, Office 365 and Teams, HubSpot, SendGrid, Mailchimp, and many more. The platform supports both one-way and two-way synchronizations. Each sync connection has a default field mapping, which you can customize in a visual way to include custom fields, add filters, or apply any other custom rules.

Here's what you get with SyncPenguin:

1. Two-way sync without any corner cases or issues to worry about.
2. Possibility to merge all existing (historical) data before starting sync.
3. Automatic duplicate detection.
4. Field mapping customizations using our visual interface.
5. Include custom fields in your mapping.
6. Filter what data is synced.
7. Add custom mapping or synchronization rules.
8. Powerful dashboard to create, manage and monitor your synchronizations.
9. Flexible and affordable pricing that scales with your business.
10. Smart, fast and free customer support.

Try SyncPenguin now for 14 days free without a credit card. Pricing can be found here:

Wersja 4
Show user name after account connected; possibility to filter contacts by responsible user

Wersja 3
Added meetings connector which enables Bitrix24 and Office 365/Exchange calendar sync

Wersja 2
Added support of Tasks synchronization.

Wersja 1
Two-way sync of contacts with endless customization possibilities

To use the app, sign up and log in to

To create your sync go to the Synchronizations section and click the plus icon. Follow the steps to create the connection between two apps as needed. After that, you have to authorize access to the apps by providing API Token or clicking the Connect button. Be sure to click Verify access to ensure the connection to your app is properly established.

Once ready, hit the Start sync button. You'll be prompted whether to merge your existing (historical data) or not, after which the sync will be automatically and periodically executed, and all updates applied. The sync is now running in the background, and you can see execution logs in the Sync logs section.

Feel free to contact in case of any questions.