Workflow PDF Generator

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Workflow PDF Generator
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Workflow PDF Generator is a plugin created to help convert workflow information into a .pdf format. For version 1 can only be used on the Workflow in Feed feature

Where you can use this plugin
you can use this plugin in workflow design page. After you install, this plugin will automatically appear on your workflow design page.

How this plugin works
This plugin works by taking the information contained in the list that you create, and representing it in pdf form. You can choose certain fields that you will ins ert in to the pdf. This plugin will return results in the form of a url, you can use this url to see the results of the generated pdf

There are several features:
  1. can choose the fields to be exported to pdf
  2. can choose fields that cannot be imported to pdf
  3. can customize designs from pdf using html
  4. can do pdf paper format settings
  5. can apply background in pdf
  6. can apply watermark in pdf
  7. The generated pdf file will be stored on our server, and we make sure it is safe
  • Active: 3 days
  • Storage: 10 MB
  • Active: Monthly (USD 10)
  • Storage: 100MB included. Additional 100MB will cost 5USD/month

Wersja 1
Workflow PDF Generator is a plugin created to help convert workflow information into a file with .pdf format

How to install:
  1. to install the app, go to the "Apps / Market" section of your Bitrix24.
  2. in the search bar, enter "Workflow PDF Generator" and select the application you want to install on Bitrix24 account (the "View" button).
  3. in the window that opens, click "Install" and check the boxes "I have read and agree to the license agreement" and "I have read and agree to the privacy policy"
How to use:
  1. After finished installing this plugin, go to workflow designer page.
  2. You can find this plugin in the Application Activities sub menu with the name [Workflow PDF Generator] Generate PDF
  3. Drag the activities into the flow, and click the gear icon.
  4. The settings page for pdf opens, and please fill in what is needed