Leave Management ( by First Mind Software )

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Leave Management ( by First Mind Software )
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[FM] Leave Management Application allows you to manage staff leave requests flexibly and efficiently. All leave related activities can be performed via Bitrix24: request, review, approve, view history, report, etc. You can also export this report into Excel.

Application functionality:

  • Leave request management ( Submit / List/ Filter by status )
  • Dynamic setting leave type ( beside standard type such as : Annual, Sick, Marriage Leave,
  • Most prominent dynamic setting to link with Bitrix24 workflows allow you to designed any leave workflow and using absence chart of Bitrix24
  • Setting working time/ lunch / weekend / date time format
  • Permission setting
  • All features supports on Bitrix24 Mobile App
Note:  - 7-day trial is free. Because this Marketplace does not yet support paid apps, everything is marked as free.
          - After 7 trial days, if you need a commercial version with below detail cost:
  1. Number of users < 100 users:  12.4 USD per month
  2. 100 =< Number of users < 250 : 24.9 USD per month
  3. 250 =< Number of users < 500 : 49.9 USD per month
  4. 500 =< Number of users < 1000 : 79.9 USD per month
  5. Number of users >= 1000 users please contact to FirstMind through email info@firstmindsoftwaresolution.com

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The application allows you to manage leave requests flexibly, efficiently.

Installation Guide:

 1. Go to Market -> First Mind App "Leave Management ( by First Mind Software )" and Click "Install"

2. Wait for Bitrix24 to finish installation and click "Open App"

3. Click "Install"