Zalo OA Integration with Bitrix

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Zalo OA Integration with Bitrix
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You can serve your Zalo's customers via Bitrix Open Channel. Hence you don't need to use Zalo OA Chat directly and all chat historical data will be stored in Your Bitrix
This application represents your Zalo Official Account to chat with your customers.
We made a complete flow from customer serving to assigning tasks  to your employee and more.
Enjoy convenience it brings just by one click.
Zalo OA:
Zalo OA pricing:

Wersja 2
- The Provider Zalo update new APIs
     . Update and refactor code to adapt new APIs

Wersja 1
Zalo OA Integration with Bitrix CRM - Lead Generation

User Guide:

  1. Connect to Your Zalo OA Channel:

    1. Go to  "Services" -> "Contact Center" as two below screenshots:

    2. A list of available channel will be shown to you. Click on "Zalo OA Messenger" as below screenshot.

    3. A slide pop-up will be shown with below details and end-user can create new open channel with Zalo OA of change the configuration of existing open channel.

      1. A list of existing Open Channel

      2. Status of each Open Channel

    4. Create a new open channel by click "Create Open Channel". After that, click "CONFIGURE" in order to configure parameters for Open Channel

      1. Queue:  Agent list who will get chat from customer sent to company Zalo OA

      2. Agent information: Select Hide agent information in order to hide Agent inform with customer in chat progress.

      3. All remain parameter will be similar as Bitrix's parameter at link:

    5. After create a New Open Channel . Click "CONNECT" to connect Zalo OA with Bitrix24.

    6. Continue select "Connect to Zalo OA", a popup required permission for Zalo OA App

      1. At item "Chọn Official Account để cấp quyền cho ứng dụng", sel ect Zalo OA you want to connect.

        Note: You have to have admin right with connecting Zalo OA.

      2. Tick "Đồng ý cho phép ứng dụng quản lý Official Account"

      3. Click "CHO PHÉP" and wait for connection fr om Zalo OA to Bitrix24.

    7. After finish connection, Zalo OA information will be shown as below:

    8. Test by using your personal Zalo account to chat to Zalo OA, the configured Bitrix24 user can get your message through Zalo.

  2. Disconnect Zalo OA:

    1. After successful connect Zalo OA with Bitrix you can see the button "UNLINK"

    2. Click "UNLINK", a confirm dialog will be shown to request your confirmation

      1. If the selection is "YES" the Zalo OA will be disconnected to Bitrix24.

      2. Otherwise the Zalo OA connection with Bitrix24 will be keep.

  3. Note:

    1. Current version of [First Mind] - Zalo OA MessengerChat App support below message type:

      1. Text:

      2. Image:

      3. File:

    2. Contact email:

    3. Zalo OA Pricing , please check at: