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The "Entity Search" application for Bitrix24 offers flexible automation capabilities for working with data in CRM. It allows users to independently define search parameters and data processing, adapting the functionality to unique business processes. This ensures the maximum use of CRM data for creating customizable robots and business processes, such as automatic search for client information or analysis of customer behavior. The wide range of customization and automation options makes the application a valuable tool for optimizing workflows and data management, aligning with the individual requirements of the company.

Our application is a tool that simulates SQL queries in a simplified form, providing limitless possibilities for data analysis and management. These examples demonstrate the tasks that can be solved using our plugin.

Case 1: Automatic Closure of Outdated
Scenario: When adding a new Deal, it is necessary to automatically close all old Deals related to the Contact from the new deal in a specific funnel.
Solution: Using our Business Process, you retrieve all Deals by specifying the required Contact and funnel. Afterwards, you iteratively close them.

Case 2: Identifying VIP
Scenario: When registering a new LEAD, it's important to determine how many Deals this client has completed in order to assign them "VIP" status if the number of deals exceeds five.
Solution: When adding a LEAD, a business process is initiated in which you only need to specify the Contact ID as a filter. Then, iteratively count the number of Deals of this Contact and, if there are more than 5, assign "VIP" status to the LEAD.

Case 3: Automated Tracking of Client Purchases
Scenario: When adding a new Deal, it is required to reflect in the field "How much the client has spent" the sum of all successful deals of the related Contact.
Solution: Using our application, you retrieve all Deals of your contact. Then, using standard processes, you obtain the amount of each Deal, sum it up, and record it in the field "How much the client has spent".

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Business Process Extension: CRM data search and subsequent data management