Google Drive integrations

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Zrzuty ekranu
Google Drive is used in one way or another by 90% of companies. This plugin will help to simplify your work. Connect corporate folders and give access to the right employees.

Key features:
  • Viewing the content of Google Drive in Bitrix24;
  • Embedding of a specific folder in the right place (For example, agreements can be embedded in the CRM Transaction);
  • Setting up access (Shared folder, available only to admins or specific employees);
Pleasant trifles:
  • Each employee can add his own folder and configure access to it;
  • Setting up sorting;
  • Adjusting the height of the disk window;
  • Checking the token before adding a folder;
  • 6 building places;
  • There are no limits on the number of connected files.

30 days free! Then $ 5 per month.

Wersja 1
Integrate Google Drive to view folders and files in the Bitrix24 interface. Flexible settings for access and display. There are no connection limits!

Implementation support and assistance -
Ideas and improvements -
  1. Install the plugin;
  2. In Google Drive, copy the secret token for the folder and give the necessary permissions (so that the employee can see the files in the folder);
  3. In the Bitrix24 module, create an integration using the secret folder token, give access to employees;
  4. Embed in the necessary sections (CRM, Tasks, profiles, etc.) or in the menu.