Website integration

Dodaj nowe funkcje i rozwiązania do swojego konta Bitrix24. Zainstaluj gotowe aplikacje z Marketplace.

Zrzuty ekranu
Full integration of Bitrix24 and website through a unified API.

  • Automatic transfer of forms and orders into LEADs and Deals;
  • Two-way status synchronization;
  • Comprehensive analytics (UTM tags, visited pages, and through analytics);
  • Linking previously created Contacts/Companies (search by phone and/or email);
  • Auto-formatting of phone numbers (support for 200+ countries);
  • Ready-made modules for CMS and SDK packages;
  • No limits on the number of websites and forms/orders!
  • Linking products from the website and Bitrix24 for accurate inventory accounting;
  • Tracking and transmission: UTM, SmartUTM, Google Client ID, Facebook Client ID and visited pages;
  • Built-in support for the plugin for sending offline conversions;
  • Two-way order synchronization;
  • "Repeated Lead" control;
  • Notifications about new applications;
  • Each client works with the salesperson who previously served them (optional);
  • Support and help with setup.

Pricing (cancel anytime)
Free 30-day trial. Monthly and annual subscription prices.

Wersja 1
Ready-made modules for CMS. Single API. Integration in 5 minutes. No limits.

Installation, setup and FAQ -

Attention! Setting up the plugin requires knowledge of Bitrix24 and a general understanding of integration. Therefore, we recommend that you contact your Bitrix24 Partner for help or contact us if you do not have your own integrator.