WIX integration

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Zrzuty ekranu
Full integration of Bitrix24 and WIX (forms and orders).

Main functionalities:
  • Order syncing (fields, products, discounts, currency);
  • Comprehensive analytics (UTM tags and sales intelligence);
  • Contact/Company linking (phone/email search);
  • Phone auto-formatting (select countries);
  • Ready-made module.
  • Product search in Bitrix24 (inventory control);
  • UTM tag transfer;
  • Catch and sent Google Client ID and Facebook Client ID (conversion plugin);
  • Visited page tracking;
  • "Repeated Lead" control;
  • Duplicate management;
  • Notifications;
  • Deal creation with prior contact (optional).
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Free 30-day trial. Monthly and annual subscription price.
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Wersja 1
Full integration of Bitrix24 and WIX (forms and orders)