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The application allows you to sign electronic documents and track all stages of their processing.

What does it look like?

You can see information about all the documents sent for signature and the status of their readiness in the main interface of the application. Each document is also available in the CRM entities cards (lead, deal, contact and company).

With the app you can

  • send electronic documents for signature via SMS/email;
  • track the whole process without leaving your Bitrix24 environment.


  • Bitrix24: any commercial Cloud plan or On-Premise edition with a valid license.
  • Active account at Altiria

How does the app work

  • The user generates the document in Bitrix24, signs it in the app.
  • The request for signature is sent to the recipient via the chosen channel - SMS/email.
  • The status of the document is displayed in the application and on the CRM card from which the document was generated.
  • The user can download the document from Altiria once it is signed.

Possible statuses:

  • not signed — in this status, the user sees the Sign button;
  • file not loaded (if for some reason the file was not uploaded to Altiria Sign) — the user sees the Upload file and Delete buttons;
  • waiting for client's signature — the user sees the Check and Delete buttons;
  • signed— only the Delete button is active.


The application is running in test mode. The fee is only charged for sending requests for signature, according to the rates of Altiria.

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Application for electronic documents signature in Bitrix24.

We perform our module support in Open Channel chat. You can reach us via:

  1. The chat right in your Bitrix24 (the link opens a chatbox in your Bitrix24).
  2. The chat at our site (the icon in the right bottom corner opens a chatbox). After the start of the dialog enter your email so that you could receive a notification about our reply and the communication history even after you close the tab with the chat in your browser.

The first way is the most convenient one: you will always find our reply and the communication history in your Bitrix24 messenger. But for the link to work in Bitrix24 On-Premise, you must have all necessary modules installed and the portal must have an external connection established. If the first option does not work for one reason or another, please proceed with the second one.

Please note that we do not provide technical support via phone or email.

If you haven't received a prompt response, please wait for us to reply. We work from 9 am till 6 pm (GMT+3), Mo-Fri.

We care about your feedback and do our best to answer all of your questions. Text us :)

  1. Install Altiria Sign app.
  2. Create an account at Altiria and top up your account. Let us know in the chat if you need any assistance.
  3. Set Sender ID for your account. Go to account Settings -> SMS -> Senders. Domain credentials will be sent to your email at registration.
  4. On Altiria Account page in Bitrix24 enter your account information - Login, Password, Domain and Sender ID.
  5. Fill out the Contacts section in Bitrix24. This is necessary in order to send a request for signature using contact info specified in the CRM card.
  6. Set up access permissions for the users working with the application. Go to Marketplace -> Installed -> Altiria Sign -> Access Permissions and add users, groups or departments that will work with the application.
  7. Send an email to Altiria at asking to add our server address as a callback url for your account.