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The Onboarding&offboarding application for Bitrix24 is designed to streamline and optimize the process of welcoming new employees to your organization.

The application simplifies the onboarding process by automating key tasks, such as:

  • collecting and organizing employee documents
  • scheduling meetings
  • providing relevant training materials
  • providing access permissions
  • other tasks

What benefits do you get?

  • This saves valuable time for HR, IT departments and management
  • It helps you not to forget about some documents or routine hiring tasks

Please note that the price plan for cloud-based Bitrix24 should be Professional or Enterprise.

Funnels and stages:

Onboarding funnel:

  • Initial stage
  • Final tasks
  • Failed
  • Change settings
  • Success

Offboarding funnel:

  • Initial stage
  • Failed
  • Change settings
  • Success

The following custom fields are created during installation:

  • The process of publishing the post has started
  • IT Specialist
  • HR Specialist
  • Notify employees in a Feed
  • The list of tasks for dismissal
  • Date of dismissal
  • Full name
  • The list of tasks for adaptation
  • Office address
  • Position
  • Date of employment
  • Employee's account in Bitrix24
  • Employee's Manager
  • Announcement of the post
  • What city does the employee live in?

The Onboarding&offboarding application also offers customizable HR workflows, allowing you to tailor the onboarding and offboarding processes to your specific organizational needs. This ensures that new hires receive the appropriate information and support, while providing HR professionals with valuable insights into the effectiveness of their onboarding efforts. You can be sure that every document linked to Onboarding and Offboarding will be collected in time.

With the Onboarding&offboarding application, you can be confident that new employees are well-prepared and integrated into your organization, fostering a positive and productive work environment.

This solution is compatible with both cloud and on-premise Bitrix24. It works fine with desktop or mobile Bitrix24 apps, ensuring that HR professionals can access and manage the onboarding process from any location.

Offboarding is a process that allows HR professionals to effectively manage employee departures. With our application, you can automate this process, making the work of your HR department much easier. The app allows you to create individual offboarding plans for each employee and track their progress. Additionally, the app stores all offboarding data in a single place, making it easy to access information.

Please note that after installing the application, all CRM data and settings will be erased!

Please note that the price plan for cloud-based Bitrix24 should be Professional or Enterprise.

Please invest in our Onboarding&offboarding application for Bitrix24 today and see the difference it makes in your organization's HR process!

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Automated HR onboarding and offboarding processes

We perform support in Open lines chat. You can reach us via:

  1. The chat right in your Bitrix24 (the link opens a chatbox in your Bitrix24).

  2. The chat at our site informunity.us (the icon in the right bottom corner opens a chatbox). After the start of the dialog enter your email so that you could receive a notification about our reply and the communication history even after you close tab with the chat in your browser.

The first way is the most convenient one: you will always find our reply and the communication history in your Bitrix24 messenger. But for the link to work in a Bitrix24 Self-hosted, you must have all necessary modules installed and the account must have connection with the outer world. If the first option does not work for one reason or another, please proceed with the second one.

Please note that we do not provide technical support via phone or email.

If you haven't received a prompt response, please wait for us to reply. We work from 9 am till 6 pm Moscow time (GMT+3), Mo-Fri.

We care about your feedback and do our best to answer all of your questions. Text us :)  

1. Please install the App from Bitrix24 Market by the link
2. Go to the CRM section in the left menu and do the following

3. Press More - Settings - CRM Settings

4. Go to Automation - Business Processes

5. Choose Deals - Templates

6. Select Writing constants  - Template parameters

7. Choose Constants - HR Specialists

8. Fill in Constant value

9. Make the same settings for IT Specialist Constant ( step 7 - 8)

10. Push Save

Now you can use our App!

If you want to start  an onboarding/ offboarding process for a new employee, please go to the onboarding/ offboarding funnel and create a new Card