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Now you can pay for invoices, generated in Bitrix24 with Grab!

It’s simple: create an invoice and send a link to a client to be used for transaction via familiar and convenient payment system. No limits or hassle: create and pay an invoice in 10 minutes.

You can use the Grab app for any types of business entities. Four payment systems are created automatically for convenience to handle any client:
  • CRM companies – for legal entities
  • CRM contact – for private entities
  • Companies Order – for online store legal entities
  • Contacts Order – for online store private entities
The app works with Bitrix24 commercial plans only.
Free plan users can test it during the trial period and then upgrade to a commercial subscription.

Wersja 3
Update settings UI

Wersja 2
There is a beta-version of GrabPay integration.

Wersja 1
Accept payments from your clients online with GrabPay

Complete standard installation procedure for Grab app from Bitrix24 Market.
When installation is complete, the app will show you the page with information about Grab and Bitrix24 integration. After you have read this information, click «Finish» to finalize the installation.

To start using the app, sel ect it fr om the list of installed apps inside your Bitrix24 account. The app can only be used by a Bitrix24 account administrator and extranet user with admin privileges.

After the app is installed the user will see the page with input field. User must fill out the API-key, Merchant name and Client-key fields. All tokens can be received via Adyen.