Ingenico Integration

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Zrzuty ekranu
Now IngenicoGroup is integrated with Bitrix24.

Accept payments from your clients online easily and quickly. Connecting the payment system allows your clients to pay their orders the way they are used to. Your sales managers can send a payment page to a client via SMS messages or messengers.

More information about accepting payments in Bitrix24 CRM.

The app works with Bitrix24 commercial plans only.
Free plan users can test it during the trial period and then upgrade to a commercial subscription.

Wersja 3

New app version now has option to sel ect specific payment methods and create new payment methods. The app now also supports Checkout scenario, allowing for buyer to be forwarded directly fr om online store to Ingenico to complete payment.

Wersja 2
The first really working version that implements payment through integration using the Hosted Checkouts method.

Wersja 1
Accept payments from your clients online with IngenicoGroup

Complete standard installation procedure and follow instructions inside the app.