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Zrzuty ekranu
Using the “Backup” application, you can launch a periodic portal data backup process with saving a copy file on Bitrix24.Disk.

Application functionality:
  • Data backup of leads, deals, contacts, companies, tasks
  • Saving a .csv file on Bitrix24.Drive
  • Backup progress notifications to e-mail or in the Bitrix24 portal
  • Backup frequency setting: daily, weekly, monthly
  • Backup history
  • Instant creation of a current state file
Fast and easy backup import into CRM.

This app is a flexible solution that can be used both in its standard functionality and by adapting it to your business purposes.

We offer our application optimization services in terms of the requirements, goals and tasks of your company. Among possible changes and remakes:
  • Setting fields and adding data fields;
  • Creating the necessary stages or business process that works on the base of the application;
  • Language and country (geographical) adaptation;
  • Integration with other systems;
  • Customizing application design;
  • Any changes in the application logic and much more.
Trial period 14 day.
Cost per year €25 (NETTO) - Buy license key

Wersja 1
Ensure the safety and security of your data automatically - Run backups of the portal's main data.



Telephone number: +48226022810 / +12029607167

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Shop: Buy license key

  1. Install and open the application
  2. Click on the Settings tab.
  3. Enter your license key. Buy at the store.
  4. Specify which portal users should receive backup notifications by email and in the portal.
This is the basic setting for general functions.

Next, set up automatic backups.
  1. On the “Main” tab, select the frequency of creating a backup file - every day, every week or every month.
  2. Specify the entities in Bitrix24 which data you want to have in the backup - Lead, Deal, Contacts, Companies, Tasks (multiple option).
  3. Check your preferred notification method (by email or in the portal).
  4. The notification will be received by those users who are marked in the settings.
  5. Click the "Save" button. Done!
  6. If you need to upload a file in its current state just now, you can do it by clicking the “Create Now” button.